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Disneyland Tips & Tricks

Good places to find some basic Tips & Tricks are Disneland 101 and FAQ. When doing your Disneyland planning, it is essential to take advantage of some of the better tips & tricks to make your Disneyland vacation run as smooth as possible. I will always provide you with my latest tips & tricks when you choose to book your trip or plan your stay with PixieDustLady. My Disneyland Tips & Tricks will help you with things like avoiding lineups, matching transfer and flight times, finding efficient Park routes, etc.

Daily Itineraries

Want some extra help planning your Disneyland vacation? Would you like to follow an efficient Disneyland schedule? Let me build an itinerary suited to your family’s interests, full of recommendations that will help you get the most out of your Disney vacation.

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The Better Deal

How often do you hear from someone that booked the same trip as you that they paid significantly less! Frustrating isn't it?

This "paradox" can result from many factors, with the main ones being:

  • Commissions to agents are indirectly passed to the customer
  • Flight and hotel prices are divided into rate "classes"-- the customer does not always see the lowest
  • Agent compiled packages, though they appear to be "bargain finding", often prohibit alternative price reducing mechanisms

If this sounds kind of complicated to you, then you are right, unfortunately it is. This is why people often spend more than they have to, and this is why it takes a lot of time and energy to find a good deal. PixieDustLady Travel Research can simplify this and point you to the best Disneyland deals.

For some of the current Disneyland discounts see PixieDustLady's Hot List