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What to do when you get there: PixieDust will plan it for you:

Planning a Stay in Disneyland

You’ve booked your trip to Disneyland but how do you maximize your experience while there? Disneyland can be very overwhelming, so don’t leave yourself walking through the Park Gates wondering “where do we start?”, “which rides are my kids able to go on?”, “how do we avoid long line-ups?”, “where do we eat?”, “how do we find our favorite characters?”

In all honesty, many people waste valuable time wandering aimlessly missing key Attractions and Experiences. Having a plan customized specifically to your family will save you time and reduce unnecessary stress.

Whether you are experienced or new to Disneyland, PixieDustLady can customize an organized, stress-free vacation plan for your family.

Mickey's Daily Itinerary: Follow a smooth flowing plan of Dining, Attraction, shopping, reservations, make-overs and shows - broken down by the day. Don’t Miss out on popular Disneyland Attractions and tips & tricks, like how to beat the crowds. Research fee: $150 CDN ($20/person beyond 6 people)


You can get more information about either vacation plan on the Samples page. If you would like me to put together one of these plans for you, you just have to step through this simple process:

  1. You CLICK on "Order Mickey's"
  2. You complete a brief questionnaire
  3. You complete payment for my research fee through PayPal
  4. I provide you with a Disneyland vacation plan built for your family

Order Mickey's

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