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What is PixieDust Travel Research?

I research Disneyland travel - in great detail. I specialize in finding you the best options and step by step instructions to help you plan your days in Disneyland.

Why use PixieDustLady ?

Disneyland Tips & Tricks

Good places to find some basic Tips & Tricks are Disneland 101 and FAQ. When doing your Disneyland planning, it is essential to take advantage of some of the better tips & tricks to make your Disneyland vacation run as smooth as possible. I will always provide you with my latest tips & tricks when you choose to plan your stay with PixieDustLady. My Disneyland Tips & Tricks will help you with things like avoiding lineups, finding efficient Park routes, etc.


What to do when you get there: PixieDust will plan it for you:

How it Works

Depending on your level of Disneyland experience and/or time you have to plan, I can help you plan your days in Disneyland and Southern California.

Feel free to browse this site for valuable information relating to Disneyland travel. You may also hire me directly to research and create your:

  • Trip to Disneyland
  • Daily Itineraries

The Itinerary Request process is summarized as follows:

  1. You fill in the Itinerary Questionnaire(s)
  2. You complete your order
  3. I send you your personalized plan

With Pixie Deals you can be rest assured that your vacation plan will be researched to match you direct needs, as well as coordinated and scheduled into a package that works!